nomadlens is back in business

Just over a year ago I migrated this photoblog’s platform from running on Pixelpost to WordPress. The abandonment of development or maintenance of Pixelpost (as detailed in my post over at nomadphotographs: ‘Pixelpost is Dead‘) forced this move. I archived the old blog here as many people had commented on photos in it and there are still incoming links to it.

To start this blog off I posted a handful of images but then … … nothing. “Events, dear boy, Events” (as Macmillan never said) took over. A dismal winter was followed by the near purchase of a house with detailed planning of building work required. The purchase collapsed when the vendors asked for more money but we quickly found another house, again with detailed planning required for building work, followed by nearly six months of improvements, decorating and garden work. All this meant that I barely strayed beyond the bounds for a year and certainly rarely on photographic missions.

Two things happened recently however. One was that I tried out and then down/up/cross-graded to an Olympus OMD-D E-M1 and sold off most of my Nikon gear. There will be much more on this in subsequent posts but the main reason was that I simply wanted a smaller lighter camera. I’m not that old but I got tired of carrying so much yet still never seeming to have the right lens with me. The other thing that happened was the arrival of a succession of major Atlantic storms; grist to the mill of the coastal landscape photographer.

The result is that as you can see from the recent flurry of postings nomadlens is up and running again and will hopefully see a few images being posted a week and the odd article on photography every now and then.