Images of the South West

Much of the post processing we do to images cannot be seen as simply as some additional thing that is done after the fact to alter images for our own ends. It is not the case that the camera has produced an ‘objective’ representation of…

Have you changed that image in Photoshop? (Part 2)

My answer to the question ‘Have you changed that image in Photoshop?’ is invariably “yes”, followed by “shamelessly”. If you are tempted to respond to that with a negative reaction then I’m afraid that I have got news for you: photographs do not represent reality.…

Have you changed that image in Photoshop? (Part 1)

We are swamped by images these days. In the relatively recent past the creation of images was the preserve of those who had the inclination, enthusiasm and means to go out and purchase a camera. The rise of the smartphone, equipped with a basic camera…

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